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Floating Life Style in the latest Dockwalk Article!

Floating Life has had a busy year, establishing multiple new partnerships, including MCK Suppliers in Holland.

“Every year, we aim at introducing new items to our collection by responding to what the majority of our clients would like to experience. Crucial to us is analyzing the market and following up with trends,” says Annalisa Mutti of Floating Life. “In other words, by being in line with our customer needs.  style and design do not change drastically, but we are highly responsive to the market and are always in the lookout for product development.” The “Custom Collection” was created three years ago, and Mutti says, “Clients demand [a] top-quality garment at a reasonable price. We do our best in guaranteeing to find the best solution to their needs.” New this year for Floating Life is the Pica, a technical formal dress (pictured right), and Pintaca, a technical formal shirt. Both have received good feedback. “Nowadays, specific treatments guarantee fabrics to be breathable, comfortable, fresh, and ideal for every situation in the life of a yachtie,” Mutti says. Floating Life maintains that the yachting industry is moving away from cottons. “The future shines for technical fabrics,” Mutti says. One of those is polyamide, which is “revolutionary.” “It is hypoallergenic; therefore, unlikely to cause any reactions and ultimately offers a sense of freshness all day long,” Mutti says. Sensitive is another fabric that Mutti says is innovative, perfect for sharp cuts and whose fibers are very thick between them to allow maximum perspiration. Customization is no problem — the company offers a design consultancy service, available 24/7, that can custom create any outfit, regardless of color and fabric.