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Summer Season, Summer Needs, Summer Solutions

Summer Season, Summer Needs, Summer Solutions

Discover how MCK-Suppliers together with Sea- Rafts, gets the most out of your Summer

Sea-Rafts Inflatables designs, produces and sells inflatable platforms, custom built, completely tailored to any yacht’s needs and specs, top quality, yet very light and can be delivered anywhere in the world in a very short notice.

Sea-Raft is the only company that works 100% by the European REACH norms and regulations for chemicals!

Our DWF (Double Wall Fabric) is made in Germany!

All competitors use Chinese and Korean materials that’s full of plasticizers, lead and other metals to keep the materials soft and pliable…

And as Sea-Rafts are built here in Europe, quality is at its highest and 100% guaranteed And that shows in our designs, our products and after sales service!

We pride ourselves that we are the only company that can 100% custom built every single product that leaves our factory! And in record lead-times!!

Due to its unique building technique and extremely strong fabrics and materials a Sea-Raft offers unparalleled strength and stability yet they are by far the lightest in the industry!

Sea-Raft have been sold to yachts like; iDynasty, Rising Sun, Coral Island, Rock It, Kahalani, L’Atittude,Crazy Me, Kamaxitha, LionHeart, Polar Star and many many more!!

Curious, Know more? Do not hesitate and contact MCK-Suppliers